J.R. Mitchell


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Marnie ButlerMarnie Butler
Hi Jo It was great meeting you & I absolutely loved your book-read it in the first week of purchase-looking forward to the next one-Regards Marnie
Ian WillisIan Willis
It was great to meet you the other day at stafford. You have kicked started my muse! Thank you! Telling the story is a source for me. I am looking forward to reading yours as soon as I can wrestle it from my flatmates hands! I wish you all the very best.
Dawn ColeDawn Cole
Hi Jo, A friend gave me copy of Pathway of the Gods at the weekend,having been a fantacy reader for ever I looked forward to reading a book from a new writer.I couldn't put it down. Congratulations, it was a fantastic read. I look forward to the arrival of the next installments to this trilogy, and all your other new stories. Once again, Congratulations and many thanks for a great book. Love Dawn
Martin Van LaerhovenMartin Van Laerhoven
Hi Jo, Yes your assumption is correct, I am Dutch. I have come to chapter 27 of your book and wanted to give some feedback; Starting with the book I wondered why you and your book came on my path, you have already made a change (for the better?) I have found myself back in an old world that I had forgotten! As a child (before the age of 10) I had a rich imagination, reading books I never saw the words, I was in the story! I also had reoccurring dreams: I was on a white horse, with an Eagle on my shoulder and a black panther by my side (a black panther in stead of a black raven???) I seemed to be out to help others but can't recall why or how. I would tell bedtime stories to my brother who is one year younger but we used to sleep in the same bed! The pain I had to go through when entering high school and I had to become rational! I can remember crying as my mind was in agony due to the change that was demanded by this "new" wolrd! That was my world for most of the rest of my life until some 6 years ago when I started with meditation and the "spiritual world" opened up again for me! I even tried to improve my "visualisations" with a course called Natural Brilliance from Learning Strategreis. Now reading your book it all has come back, I again start to "see" the story when I read it and I am loving it. Also the sexual and sensual parts as from a very early age this has also played an important part in my life. I only have limited time per day to read but I savour those moments (making it last longer!!!) Thanks Jo, Wishing you a happy and fruitful weekend with many more passionate and stimulating ideas for your books. Love and Light Martin
Justine HannaberyJustine Hannabery
I received a signed copy of your book from a co-worker. I am an avid fantasy reader and you had me sucked into your world from the first page. I can't wait for the next installment to follow the immortals on their quest to restore good the all their worlds.
Susan AllenSusan Allen
Hi again. My son Paul is totally wrapped with yur first book. Thankyou. Sometime in the future I will send work my two teenagers have written. Again, thankyou. Sue Allen
Absolutely loved Pathway of The Gods. Having heard good things about this book, I couldn't wait to get my own copy. I was not disappointed. I was enthralled from the first chapter. Compelling reading, I was always wanting to find out what would happen next but then I never wanted it to end. Thank goodness this is first in a trilogy. Can't wait for the next one. Great work!
Sci-Fi fantasy not something that I would normally contemplate reading. Came across copy of your book - was intrieged so started reading and could not put it down. Loved it and looking forward to the sequels.
Joshua ReidJoshua Reid
Magical worlds, Powerful Hero's and Beautiful Goddess's have always captured my imagination.The Pathway of the Gods has taken me into places that my mind and body could relate to. Good verses Evil, true love(with a twist of lust!!!)will leave you with a desire for more!! Thank you JR Mitchell for your first novel,I'm eagerly anticipating your next release Awakening of the Gods.
Nathan ReidNathan Reid
A fantastic read. being a big fantasy novel fan i can say that it is a fantastic story and i genuiney took interest in the charchter plots and there individual stories. I am very much anticipating reading the sequel to this Path of the gods.
Phillip BalePhillip Bale
At age 72 I had no trouble,with the many characters and story lines. It flowed rapidly but the word descriptions brought it to life. It had me wanting me to keep turning the pages,wanting to know what happens next. I did not want to put it down. The unpredictable and expected became the norm. You made Fantasy and Fiction more believable. You stretched the imagination. I have read all 7 Books by J.K.Rowling "Harry Potter".I enjoyed your book almost as much. Not so long ago,around Oct-Dec 2007 I read a novel "The Quest" by Wilbur Smith printed in 2007 it to deals with fantasy & fiction,unlike anything he has written before,proving to me that he too realized that there was a market out there for stories to be told by people with a creative imagination. Looking forward to 2nd book in the Trilogy. The challenge as I see it,is to keep the pace and characters on track
Trisha WinklerTrisha Winkler
Hi Jo, What a fantastic accomplishment. Well Done. I look forward, with interest, to reading your book. We wish you all the very best on this journey & can't wait to start reading. All our love & support. Trisha, Brett & Roman Winkler.
Barbara WeirBarbara Weir
Pathway of the Gods is a magnifieient story. It has moments of mythic grandeur and shows the writers incredible imagination. A book that is very hard to put down once you have decided to take the journey with the three Immortals.
Fiona DempsterFiona Dempster
I have not always been a fantasy reader but am always looking out for new things. When I started reading Pathway of the Gods I was immediately hooked. I felt I had known the characters my whole life, and could not wait to find out what happens next! Can I also say 'when do we get book two' I cant wait to find out what happens next! On a final note, I also think this book should come with a warning label 'highly addictive', so make sure you clear your schedule as you are in for an exciting read!
I love anything to do with fantasy. When i saw this on the shelf at the book store, i was drawn to it instantly with the great cover. After reading the blurb, it had me completely intrigued. I bought the book straight away, and had to have the next day off work to finnish reading it!! I absolutely love it. It captures your mind and imagination completely. You feel as though you are living with the charactures in their fascinating world. The ending of "Pathway of the Gods" has a fantastic twist and has me gagging for the next book to be released! I am so proud that Australia has found itself such a brilliant and exciting new author with such a fantastic mind! I can't wait for book 2!! Bravo to you JR Mitchell!!
Pathway of the gods is a fantastic book, it is extreamly exciting and holds you glued to each page with great anticipation. Each character intrigues the reader more as the story unfolds. I absolutly can not wait for the next book to come out. Pathway of the gods is by far one of the best books I have ever read.
Trish EssexTrish Essex
This is not normally a book I would read but on reading about the characters and plots it sort of intrique me to want to know more. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and cannot wait until the next one is finished. The characters are believable and hold your interest. I thank the auther for letting me take a glimse into her fantasic world
Diane BellDiane Bell
Although I am not normally a reader of the fantasy genre I found this book, “Pathway of the Gods” by J R Mitchell, very enjoyable reading. It took me a few chapters to grasp the characters and setting and then I was captivated by the story. A love triangle, with a twist, set in the fascinating alternative dimension of the Immortals who inhabit strange worlds full of heroes, heroines, villains, enchantment, mythical creatures and Gods. I was amazed at the scope of the authors’ imagination to come up with all these astonishing places, names and characters all the while keeping the story line rolling along. I was equally enthralled by the secondary characters and story lines as I was by those in the leading roles. Thanks Jo for this great read. I have recommended it to friends and I await the next instalment of the trilogy. “Awakening of the Gods”
Hey Jo, good luck writing the next book 🙂
Great Book brought it at the local IGA supermarket in Fernvale. Cant wait for the next ones!!!