J.R. Mitchell


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Hey Jo, You are truly an amazing writer, I read both books, andi just could not put them down, they were so captivating. i cant wait till book 3. You go Girl! These books are definately movie material. Ihave been telling everyone about them. Come on book 3 Luv Amanda
Michael SobyraMichael Sobyra
hen I purchased your book in Dymocks Chermside, I promised I would let you know what I thought, but being the lax person that I am, I haven't gotten around to it. When I saw awaking of the Gods in A & R, I figured I should let you know that I really enjoyed it. I found the characterisation very well done. All of the main characters were certainly believable. The interaction of the immortals with the humans has set up some intriguing relationships. I have a good friend who also loves SF and Fantasy, he has read your book and when I told him volume 2 was out, he said he was going out to buy it too. I anxiously awaited the publication of the next book. With my birthday close, I encouraged my daughter to get Awaking of the Gods for my present. My grandson had great fun not only giving to me but helping me unwrap it, as 2 year olds do. Once I finish my current book this is next on my list. It will jump the queue. Keep on writing. I really think you have a future at it.
Michael SobyraMichael Sobyra
are you having any signings in Brisbane, because it would be great to have both of your books autographed.
I have recently read both books and I loved the characters and the story that draws you in. I am looking forward to the new book to continue the adventure.
Carol GoulterCarol Goulter
Have just finished book 2. Equally as fascinating,and exciting as book 1. Your creativity and imagination are amazing, can't get enough of it. Bring on Book 3 !!
Di BellDi Bell
WOO HOO at last the second installment, what a great read!!! You just keep this amazing story rolling along with such great characters and story lines. What a fabulous imagination you have - how do you think up all these names, places and tales, I am in complete awe. Keep up the good work. Eagerly awaiting the next book "Gathering of the Gods". Love Di
Louise ParkerLouise Parker
Hi there, have just ordered the books after reading my father's copy (Phil Bale). Congratulations, you are on a winner. It won't be long before it's a film as the characters are up there with Harry Potter. Keep them coming and please don't stop at 3. Love you and will let you know what I think of the second one soon. I know I won't be able to put it down. Regards, Louise
Danielle HoughtonDanielle Houghton
Just thought I'd drop a line to say hi. Finished your book today, just waiting around for the next one now...twiddling my thumbs. Hopefully I won't be waiting too long!
Nikki ReidNikki Reid
Hi Jo. Thanks for sending a copy of your book. I would like to say that i truly felt like i was missing somthing when i finished reading it, i got so used to having something to take my mind off things. I always looked forward to reading some when i got the chance. I miss the characters already. Cant wait for the next one. All the best. Nikki
Phil LatzPhil Latz
Hi Jo, welcome to Book Creators Circle. Letizia just told me you had joined. Fancy, I now live at Stokers Siding, if you remember, it's just south of Murwillumbah. My book took me 7 years to write & get to market. (sample chapters on my website) I am now also on Amazon but think hard before you go there. Guess you are in BNE now? May meet you one of these days. Cheers, Phil.
Dear Jo, I purchased your book (signed!!) at Northlakes 2 weeks ago. I have never been a fan of this genre but you have got me hooked!! The storyline and characters are so addictive. I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to the next installment! Congratulations and I wish you all the best with your writing!! Jessie
Today I bought the book from Chermside, still, hardly can believe that the book was accompanied with warmth of the author. never before in my life I have seen the fantasy world created from the mind of the person that will directly talk to me. that's trully amazing that I had a chance to read the new, refreshing Fantasy, such different from I have read years ago. I am sure that guys who love the world of fantasy will appreciate the different approach of writing as well as these unforgetable realms. Thank You Joanne R. Mitchell.
I'm about to join you all in this wonderful journey. My Husband bought the first book for me, just yesterday after meeting J.R.Mitchell at a book signing at Northlakes, Qld. I'm not allowed it until Christmas day.. but certainly look forward to spending every spare moment I can after that, enjoying & living this enticing new world. Looking forward already to book number two! Thankyou for sharing your stories & imagination J.R
Penny RobertsonPenny Robertson
*Pathway of the Gods* J. R. Mitchell has introduced me to a new genre which allows you to lose yourself in the world of the Immortals. This wonderful story engages you in the powerful forces of the world of Romanie with its ancient curses and prophesies. The first of the triology describes an exciting imaginary world which I know will have a big following, I look forward to the next book and to introducing this triology to our school students. J. R. Mitchell could well resonate with young adults the way J.K. Rowling resonates with younger readers. Penny Robertson OAM Founder of Australian International Schools in Indonesia.
Mike ShepherdMike Shepherd
I have been a reader of fantasy for many years, and have read many authors. I have just completed your firt book "Pathway Of The Gods". Thank you for signing the copy that was purchased by my dear Wife for me. Must admit that I was a little sceptical when I first started reading the book. Found the story line a little scattered and hard to follow at first. Also found some of the analogies a little odd and not in line with the books theme. Having said that however, the book only got better as I got further into it, and ulimately I thoroughly enjoyed it. Got to the stage where I could not put it down. Can't wait for the sequal. Thank you for a wonderful mystical adventure. Regards, Mike Shepherd
this is a great book..i find myself not being able to put the book down...best thing i have read...
Nigel WardNigel Ward
Bought your book yesterday...thanks for signing it...you should put a picture of yourself on the site
Today I was at Westfield North Lakes passing a book store. It advertised your appearance and mentioned that you self publish. I'm an author of non fiction and would like to know why you self publish. Your information is of great interest to me. With thanks Hazel
Nick JonesNick Jones
Great Book! The writing was a little scattered but after the first few chapters it really picked up. Beyond the, the book is really unique, the characters are really interesting and the descriptions of the setting are very imaginative. Can't wait for the next book!!!
Your book actually blew me away. I got so addicted to it that I really can't wait to read the second book. I had loved fantasy stories for so long but all the books I read, this is the best of all. I am looking forward purchase the second book. All the best. Regards, Azeera