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Nikki ReidNikki Reid
Hi Jo. I finished the second book a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. My sister had read the first so i gave her the second one to read and she is enjoying it very much. Once she has finished i will tell her to comment on your site. Thanks so much for the books, can't wait for the third and can't wait to meet you in September.
http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=107293258858 That's the facebook site ๐Ÿ˜‰ J.R.Mitchell Fan Site. Enjoy.
Hello, This is facebook site I created for J.R.Mitchell on facebook, just go into search and it should be on their. Snjezana
Greg NicholsGreg Nichols
Joanne, I was glad to have met you yesterday (in Post Office square, Brisbane City), we briefly discussed the obsession and sleepness nights that come with writing. I have not read your work yet, but, as promised, I have just purchased your first novel (through this site) looking forward to receiving it in the mail soon
Hello Guys, I've created a fan site on facebook for Jo and if you'd like to join you are more than welcome to. I love these books ๐Ÿ™‚
Danielle SteendamDanielle Steendam
Merry Meet Jo, The godesses looks after her own. I welcome the coming of book 3. It presents the opportunity to share a moment in time with a gifted Bard. Patiently awaiting it's release. Thank you for becoming part of the journey and for channelling The Immortals for all to share. Love , light and blessing. Danielle
Matt VosslerMatt Vossler
Nice to meet you Joanne! --Matt (from the U.S.)
Cassandra JadeCassandra Jade
My friend met you and you signed her copy of pathway of the gods. I am reading now and am very much enjying the story, wish I could just sit and read but have to work. Looking forward to having time to really read the book.
Toula NoutsatosToula Noutsatos
Great to meet you at the book signing today .... and my partner LOVES your book, he has read so much already. You are an awesome author!
fay dentonfay denton
Hi Jo, Have missed your company in the past years - congrats on writing your first book - takes courage - must read it, love, fay
Debbie CargillDebbie Cargill
Just finished the second book and can't wait for the release of the last one. Keep up the good work, books like these will keep me reading forever
Loved, Awakening of the Gods. I am eagerly awaiting the final instalment to find out more about the characters and the mysteries that surround them. Thank you Jo for a great read.
des morrisseydes morrissey
Robyn TimmRobyn Timm
Wow what an amazing book, it grabs ur attention from start 2 finish. I can't wait 2 read the 2nd book. Thank u
Bronwyn WynnBronwyn Wynn
Hi Jo, Had me spell bound all the way excellant work, im so glad I don't have to wait months to read the next book. Thank you once again for you have great talent. Regards Bronwyn
Martin van LaerhovenMartin van Laerhoven
Hi Jo, Wow, I finished "Awakening of the Gods" what can I say? I was spellbound the whole way through the book. When I started I had a concern: would I remember all the characters? My concerns soon disappeared as the story flows and the characters come back to mind so easily. What is more, I felt to be one of the characters myself observing and being in the story Your books are so well written, they keep me mesmerized and looking for the next surprise. There are so many characters yet you know how not to let your readers forget any one of them. Thanks Jo for so many hours of deep enjoyable entertainment but there also seems to be deeper meaning that connects with me. This became even more obvious when I started to read one of my โ€œnormalโ€ books! I became acutely aware how I switched from one side of the brain to the other side. With your books I use the right hemisphere as then I am visualizing, with my โ€œstudyโ€ books I use the left hemisphere for intellectualizing, this also brings the realization we all are Gods and we are all awakening ๐Ÿ™‚ through greater and growing awareness. Looking very much forward to the next book "Gathering of the Gods"
Nigel OglethorpeNigel Oglethorpe
What does a sequel need to do? Continue the story, give people what they expect, plus deliver a whole lot more. This book offers all three. What I liked about the structure was the way certain things seem to repeat from book one (Sirus' quest, almost a parallel to his fathers', with him taking an opposing journey, learning as he grows, but then having his safe world stripped away as he learns about his legacy; Ore'arn's journey to womanhood, as she learns how her mother lost everything and everything threatens to overpower her). The plot is incredibly well woven, plus having most of the characters from book one saves a lot of time getting to know them. We learn about the new characters through them. As the book progresses, a sense of urgency pervades the pages, as if time is running short (a mortal sense, what do Gods care of time!) Also clever is the turn characters take. Ommran becoming a force for good (I knew it!), I'eda taking a turn for the worse. Was does this mean for Sirus and Ore'arn? What about Theron and Azrah? And the biggest question of all...The Dark Force that threatens all the worlds...how will it be defeated? Something big is in the wind, and if a sequel leaves you yearning for more, then it has done its job. Roll on Book Three.
Ilana McBainIlana McBain
I love reading fantasy fiction. Your First book was nothing short of a gripping story that I could not put down. The eagerly anticipated second book was a perfect continuation to a amazingly constracted story. Your characters are so interesting and addictive. Can not wait for your third book. Jo, you are a great story teller and a beautiful lady.
Mike ShepherdMike Shepherd
I have just completed Book two of "The Immortals" "Awakening of the Gods" What a wonderful journey.Thank you for the entertainment. Kept me enthralled all the way through. You have woven an intricate web that I can't wait to follow in book three. Brilliant.
All i can say is wow, the second book exceeded all of my expectations and kept me wanting more. The adventures that the characters embark on are written with so much imagination and keep you thriving for more.Thankyou for an excellant read.