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Jasmin GogginJasmin Goggin
Hi i'm a first time reader of your book 'The pathway of the god's ' and it was fantastic ! i was lucky enough to get mine signed by the lovely Joanne! thankyou so much for drawing me into the world's of ASSERIAN and ROMANIE and all of their colourful character's can't wait to read the rest of the series!
Nikki ReidNikki Reid
Hey lovely Jo WOW. I was absolutely glued to your latest book. Lucky Dan was not here for the most of last week, he would have felt neglected, my nose was in the book every chance i got, a bit hard to do with little Taylor-Jo but she naps often. No doubt i will read all three again. Cant wait for you to write some more. Thanks again.
You are an inspiration, a valued contributor of Book Creators Circle and a great writer. Well done and congratulations.
Michelle O'LoughlinMichelle O'Loughlin
WOW! Jo, What a journey! The Fantasy Genre has never been one of my reading choices in the past. I can honestly say that from Chapter 2 of Pathway of the Gods, I found myself completely immersed in your trilogy and I can't wait to see what you have in store for your fans in your next creation. The Fantasy Genre should be thanking you for providing readers such captivating characters set amongst a believable story line. You have provided readers a complete package! CONGRATULATIONS JO! Your trilogy has well & truly earned it's place inmy bookcase.
Ilana McBainIlana McBain
Hi Jo, I love a good book and your books are world class. The characters are so real that one forgets that they read a fantasy story. It’s been a journey of anticipation from the first book and now that I finished the third one I feel content and happy with the beautiful ending. I can't wait for your next creation. Well done, you are truly a magnificent and exciting writer.
Congratulations Jo, all three books are absolutly enchanting. Thank you for a fantastic read i was sad to finish Gathering of the gods because i didnt want the story to end. with twists and turns in every chapter it makes the imortals trilogy really captivating. i would love to see the books made into a movie, and i have told all of my friends and family how great they are. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚
I finished the last book yesterday, and I didn't want to finish it because that meant I would have nothing to read. I was taken away with the characters and I wish that it was made into a movie, even better, a tv series. I hope you have started writing something else Jo, you are amazing and please don't give up, we need GREAT writers like you. I hope to see you soon, so you can sign my book πŸ™‚
Nigel OgelthorpeNigel Ogelthorpe
What makes these stories so engaging is the characters. They all seem so real, even the immortal ones. There is something in each person we meet that we identify with, either as a part of ourselves or someone we know. Their relationships with each other are as complicated as any in our world, and they don't just act to drive the story; they interact with each other. You feel for them because they are real. The story itself continues to pick up pace and becomes bigger than the first two books. With the enemy camped outside one city for the whole of the book, it makes the threat seem real and immediate, making for a very intense story. Everything works its way inexorably to one point, one place, where we know big things are destined to happen. When it does, you know it's going to threaten all worlds one after another. Enemies and allies collide in the attempt to control The Game. Questions are answered, we learn of the origins of all. This is a realm where religion and science mesh together to create something unique. A great conclusion to the trilogy and a very satisfying read. And just when you think it's all over, the book ends with the three cruelest words... Cheers, Nigel
Michelle HealyMichelle Healy
Hi Jo, I loved your first book. I think it would make an amazing film.
Hi Jo, I've ordered mine through Angus at Redbank, but they still don't have it, so i'm going to come down to Toowong tomorrow and get the third book.I can't wait any longer to know what happens. I'm sure it will be amazing and good luck with the second lot of novels you're about to write. Talk to you soon JO.
Just finished the third book yesterday. An awesome end to an awesome series. Very curious about Asha at the end. Oh, and Emid, what happened to him?? Never saw any of it coming and am very pleased to have finished and the mysteries solved. Thanks Jo
Noel CampbellNoel Campbell
I came across you at the shopping centre in Ipswitch a few weeks ago. You mentioned that your third book would be out before Christmas. I would like to order all three books in one order and you said they come already personally signed. Your current online order only reflects your first two books. Please reply letting me know if i and when i can order and receive all three. They are for a Christmas gift, so would like to have them in time. Kind regards, Noel Campbell.
jess sturdyjess sturdy
omg i loved the first book ...i really wanna read the 2nd book ..the first book i couldnt even put down
I've read the first 2 books in the immortals trilogy, I loved them, and am looking forward to reading the 3rd and final installment.
Just letting you all know that there is a review of the books being published on 19 October 2009 at www.onyamagazine.com.au it's an Australian mag and the review was done by me. So have a look and thanks JO πŸ™‚ can't wait till december.
Stonewise StudiosStonewise Studios
Thank You!
Hello, So i managed to find you on facebook πŸ™‚ I'm still reading the second series πŸ™‚ I'm in love honestly, definetly giving Jacqueline Carey a run for her money. Thought I'd share that. Can't wait unitl the first of december for the third installment.
I am just going to say how much i love thses books! I cant wait for the third!!
des morrisseydes morrissey
another good one when is gathering of the gods available?
Hi Joe this is a great series I just have to let you know that the signed copy i have of awakenng the gods from pages 82 to 99 they are all mixed up just thought you should know in case there are others or the publisher keeps printing them like that good work thanks Lisa Mango Hill