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just heard of you and your books and thought i`d have a quick look see
Thank you so so much Jo for the lovely gift.
Elsa CampbellElsa Campbell
They are beautiful books and one day soon I will buy them for myself. Good luck Jo hope you sell a million.
Leanne SucklingLeanne Suckling
HELP!! Jo, I have just finished the third book and I need more! I am so sad that I no longer have one of your books to just pick up and read. I love your stories, I felt part of them, I love your characters, I felt like they were family. What am I going to do without them? Please Jo, I need the 'to be continued'. Congratulations to an amazing writer. Can you hear me chanting 'more more more'. Thankyou for letting me share the journey with The Immortals- I will miss them. MORE MORE MORE!!
OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I have just finished Book 1 and will be starting Book 2 tonight. I am already getting worried about finishing all of your books- what will I do?? Keep writing. What an amazing writer you are, I have been reading books for over 30 years now and have NEVER had the pleasure of such a brilliant story with the most amazing characters- I feel like I know them all so well. I cried with them and loved them all (well perhaps not all). When I am reading your book I feel like I am part of the story and that I am there with them. I have read nearly all the top authors over 30 years and you are certainly up there (and above) with them. We need the movie "The Immortals" Thankyou to an amazing lady and writer. Keep those stories going- now to 'Awakening of the Gods'. I am excited!!
Karli JozepsKarli Jozeps
What an amazing woman... as we watch the transformations across the fence, we see a glimpse of that wonderful creativeness and the work ethic that come out in your writing too. I'll take Books 2 & 3 back to the desert and keep the magic with me there.
Andrea ShipleyAndrea Shipley
just finished book 3. wow loved I felt like I was part of the story.I only orders this book back on the 7th April now I await what you got in store next. great job Joanne glad you live close so if I can't find your book I know it won t take forever to get to me
Andrea ShipleyAndrea Shipley
Have just read books 1 and 2 and could not find book 3 anywhere then found your website... as you would see I ahve ordered book3 and so looking forward reading it..come on Austpost. Many thanks for your stories love them to bits.
ken Brownken Brown
Well Joanne, i have read hundreds of fantasy books and i must say that the first book in your trilogy was right up at the top of the list. I cannot wait to read the next 2 parts of the trilogy. Great Job.
Mike ShepherdMike Shepherd
Flying vicious reptiles, flying horses who can change form (and then change their name just to confuse us even more), a large eagle who can also be a rat, un-dead who can die again, and a girl who can secret a sword beneath the flesh of her back, really, what nonsense. Oh, but what glorious nonsense from a wonderful fantasy series. I have just completed book three of the series, and although like the first book in the series it took me a while to get into it, I got to the point where I had difficulty putting the book down. I have the greatest admiration for someone who can put together a story with so many fanciful characters interwoven into such a complex plot over a number of books, and have it all come together successfully like a giant jig-saw puzzle, where the picture only becomes clear when the final pieces are put in place. Thank you for taking me on that incredible journey. I look forward to next instalment (after all the final words in the book where “To Be Continued”).
Hi Joanne. I really liked all three books, but my favourite was "Awakening of the Gods". I enjoyed the third book though I couldn't really get into it. My favourite part of the third book though was when Zadus was finally captured, that brought alot of gladness for me even though the story is just words on paper with a bit of imagination woven into the ink. I also have one mroe thing to say. Why did Potania have to die!? She was one of my favourite characters. I must say the death wasn't very pleasant; I'd hate to die like that, yet with happiness there must come sorrow to balance out the emotional sides of the story. Anyway enjoyed your books right from the beginning. Thanks for the breathtaking, enjoyable, imaginative, exciting adventures with "The Immortals Trilogy." Oh, and by the way, though I may be young (possibly to young) to be reading your books, they were still captivating :).
Gabi BurrowsGabi Burrows
Hi Joanne from: Gabi (your cleaner) just want to say re: "Pathway of the Gods" what an intriguing, interesting and imaginative read - I must admit I'm not normally into these kind of stories, but I might just get hooked now. Can visualise this book being made into another "Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter or Avatar" movie series. Fabulous -- Gabi, Sunshine Coast
Wondering when you will be book signing at Carindale, Brisbane.
Karen ParchertKaren Parchert
Wow!!!What a totally engrossing read.It took me just 4 days to read all 3 books &I'm so dissappointed that I have no more to read.Well,maybe I will some day--"to be continued"(Yes please.)This was all fresh & new with no predictability. Even though the plot was complex--I was'nt confused by all the twists & turns. Jo,you are one fabulous story teller & are now one of my favourite authors.Well done 10/10
Ryan LoweRyan Lowe
hello Jo, i was at your book signing at chermside, bought all; three books and just finnished the third, i have to admit ive never been more engrossed in any books than i have been with yours, i really admire you as a writer. Btw i noticed a "To be continued..." at the end of Crystal City Epilogue at the end of the third book, my hopes are held high and im excited to see if more follow.
Jenie StrohJenie Stroh
Brilliant Jo! Finished the first book a week ago and am resisting the next as I have already put aside about 8 other books, to be engulfed in yours. I like having a basic completion/finale at the end of each chapter, rather than a 'cliff-hanger' ending, so I can go to sleep more peacefully. Being a Naturopath and Herbalist, I love the use of magic Crafts and weavings of herbs and wise women (and men)lore. So far I view the first of the trilogy as a mixture of 'Adult Only' C.S. Lewis - Narnia series, vibes of 'Mists of Avalon' (Arthurian female angle), shades of Harry Potter and layout of Da Vinci Code. I feel smatterings of Atlantis and Lemuria here also; those mystical (or not)places of long ago that pervade our collective unconscious. I think is it awesome that you are driven to write as for me this means that you are tapping into 'The Field' or greater awareness of Infinity that exists. Thankyou. xx
aidan cookeaidan cooke
Hey Joanne its Aidan cooke from north lakes. There seems to have been an error in ur email because I haven't received it yet. If it don't go through ill see u at 1 of your book signings. I hope we can solve this dilemma soon. Ps I'm really enjoying ur books. Your sincerely Aidan cooke
Rae GraingerRae Grainger
I wish to express how much I enjoyed the Immortals Trilogy. I found the characters fascinating to say the least. You have a wonderful imagination and to be able to put it so descriptively from your mind to paper is incredible. All I can say is thank you for sharing your childhood fantasies. I personally believe the Immortals should be made into a movie. I am a lover of Lord of the Rings and as far as I am concerned your books would surpurs it by a long shot. I can only hope to see them on the big screen..Please continue with your vivid imagination as I can't wait for the next edition.
Hey your books are the best...I've just started reading the last book (Gathering of the Gods)to continue the adventure. I hope they make a movie out of your books, and that I'd have to see!My favourite character in The Immortals Trilogy is, I'd have to say Ore'arn or Azrah, one of teh two. In the second book it's cool how Ommran restores peace to Asserian, especially since he's been quite evil in the first book (Pathway of the Gods)but that was just Zadus feeding off of his anger and hate. You have been such a role model to me and because of you and so many other authors, I have started creating my own book and I'd just like to say you have had a big influence on me in how to define details of characters and building and all that book stuff! Your books are the best!
Kendra WrightKendra Wright
I loved "The Immortals" Trilogy it was soo awesome i would love to know when your coming to brisbane again to do more book signing and i just love the illustrations